Google Pixel 2

I did a quick photo shoot with the Google Pixel 2 – the best camera phone on the market.

NOTE – This article will be updated in the next few days with more photos, etc

I’m not going to get into a “review” of the Pixel 2 – this was just a fun project to see what I could grab with a camera phone and whether or not I could actually get some usable portraiture. I think I did! Coming from a D810 and that 36 megapixel resolution I miss the ability to crop close and then edit fine details. Obviously, I’m not getting that with any camera phone. But I’m really impressed with the color and the depth of field the built in for taking ports with this phone. So cool and it really could be used for a port shoot on the fly if thats all you have with you. The Google Pixel 2 camera is super fast at AF and once focused, snaps super fast pics. I didn’t have to do much editing on these except a bit of contrast, desat and a few detail adjustments in photoshop. I’ve also noticed that the Pixel 2 does much better with diffused light. The photos turned out much better with overcast skies then with filtered sunlight. 😀

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