Packing into the Badlands

Myself and a few other photographers (Knate, Cody, Mitch and Mike L) backpacked about 3 miles into the Bisti to photograph the landscape, the night sky, petrified trees, and Dinosaur bones! Yes, Dinosaur bones.
The Bisti or De-Na-Zin badlands is a wilderness area located in San Juan County New Mexico. Its located about 30 miles south of Farmington, NM off State Highway 371. Visit Wikipedia and the BLM site to read more.

Wikipedia or BLM

11 thoughts on “Packing into the Badlands

  1. You know the Desert has never interested me, I prefer green vegetation and lush valleys & mountains. HOWEVER the one thing that the desert has that I am interested in is the clear starry skies with no light pollution. I’d love to visit AZ or NM for this alone and do an overnight backpack trip just to see it in person like you did here. Great job on the blog post!

    • Hey Ourdoorcanvas. I too love green vegetation and lush green valleys – Which is why I often make treks into southern Colorado. But yes the desert southwest with its dry air and dark spots make for some great night photography. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the kind comment.

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