A 4th of July Wedding in October

Mikayla and Ben love the outdoors and had no second thoughts or reservations about getting married among the fall colors in beautiful 4th of July Canyon. This was indeed an off the grid wedding. It was simple and elegant with no modern conveniences. The focus was on the wedding and nothing else.
The canyon is located 7 miles west of Tajique, New Mexico. The day was perfect, the temperature was just right and the sky had just a few fluffly white clouds. The forest was colorful from the leaves turning in the cooler air, peaceful with no breeze.
A grass covered path, twisting and turning through the Aspen, Pine and Maple, decorated with white flowers and fallen leaves, guided guests to the “venue”.
As friends and family took their seats, an acoustic guitarist sat off to the side and played quietly waiting for the Bride. Escorted by her father, she completed her walk down the pine cone decorated isle to meet her future husband under the alter made from fallen branches, leaves and other foliage gathered from the surrounding scape. Friends and family sat quietly as they exchanged their vows.
.. and they both said I do in October in 4th of July Canyon.

6 thoughts on “A 4th of July Wedding in October

  1. Some of the most beautiful wedding pictures I’ve ever seen. Great job capturing the love that filled the air. Also, loved the way you captured the emotions of the bride! She is truly gorgeous!

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